Registration Guideline

ICASS website is now built up to present better services to our highly educated Iranian community in Canada. This website is designed to provide you a user-friendly networking platform where you can make friends and share your knowledge and experience.

Registration on the website is free for all knowledge-based professional Iranian-Canadian. You are also invited to create your own profile on the website for free. Having completed this profile, other users will be able to easily see you and network with you.

Regarding this, I wonder to explain the required steps of a complete and effective registration.

1. Please register in our website here.

2. Go to menu -> My Profile and complete your profile. (Click on Profile and then Edit buttons)

3. Find other members and send them friend request. Refer to menu -> Resources -> Members or link

4. Request to join any professional groups you are interested in to see the other group members in your field of interest. Refer to menu -> Resources -> Groups or link

5. Upload your resume and share your Job Descriptions. Your resumes will be sent to recruiters and employers in future to possibly offer you better job opportunities. Refer to menu -> Services->Employment or link

6. You can see all resumes and job descriptions in the menu->Services->Employment in “Resume Bank” and “Job Bank” pages.

7. If you’d like to present any technical or scientific talk in our seminars, upload your presentation file. Refer to menu -> Services->Seminars or link

8. If you’d like to share your business experience or introduce it in our seminars, upload a summary of your business. Refer to menu -> Services->Entrepreneurship or link

9. If you receive any request from admin or your friends, you can see the notifications in your profile page (menu -> My Profile), just click on Notification button in this page; or you can see the notifications alert in the green small circle on top-right corner of the website next to your username.

If you have any difficulties in using this website or you have any comments on improving it, please contact us.